Work date at La Chaumiere VI

Hola loves! New week, old me 😂 (I don’t have strength for motivational speech this morning, take it as it is)

Anyways I had a work day date at La Chaumiere last week and I totally loved it. To start with it was a fresh getaway from working at home🏡.

The space: It’s quite an elegant space with florid aesthetics (lightly), the relaxing ambience is perfect for work dates, dinner with colleagues and of course chills with friends and enemies 😌. There’s also a pretty smoothie corner, very chic!

The Drinks: So we had Cappuccino and Americano and boy did we love it! I mean you can never go wrong with coffee can you? They were lovely 😌😇, we also got a complimentary biscuit alongside.

The Food: We had the American and English breakfast, the American was a favourite! The waffles were just right, the sunny side egg was not runny (I specifically asked for this), very filling! However the pancakes were slightly burnt, but still tasted ok. For the English breakfast everything worked well, although the eggs came in a bit later (because we were first given sunny side eggs instead of fried eggs with tomatoes and vegetables and they corrected this). All breakfasts on the menu come with a complimentary juice (freshly squeezed orange juice), I salute this and totally loved the juice 🔥🔥🔥

It was a very pleasant experience and I’ll definitely visit again 😌.

Have you been here? What was your experience like?

Ps: I actually thought it was a French restaurant prior to my visit but it’s Lebanese 😌.