Food Shack Restaurant Review

This was my first visit to Foodshack and I totally loved it. The ambience was mild, I liked how the natural light seeped in, the plants embracing the light. The African fabric on the chairs gave the restaurant a traditional look and feel. The decoration is quite minimalist, it isn’t too artsy but rather gives a warm and cozy vibe. On the day I visited, the ventilation was not great, there was an issue with the air conditioner closest to me so it was hot. I had to switch seats.

The food

There’s something about their dodo that makes you forget about the world’s problems (#teamdodo). Anyways I got this tasty Absolut Woo Woo Cocktail, Sumptuous Chicken Wings and pretty Plantain.

It was definitely worth the wait (about 20-30 minutes), the cocktail was the bomb, it had layered tastes which was a very pleasant surprise. The chicken was well seasoned and spicy, the plantain was plantainicious 😏. It was a succulent meal.

Tried to sneak in the cocktail menu😉, but a fair price range for a couple will be N18K–N20K.

Rating: 8/10

Have you been to Food Shack Lagos? If yes, how was your experience? If no, do you plan on visiting anytime soon (Post Covid of course)?